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Pricing does not include tax Solace Meds has been continuously voted the top recreational marijuana dispensary in South Fort Collins. Catering to a vast clientele of recreational cannabis users, Solace Meds has the largest selection of top-quality cannabis products from strains to edibles, at affordable prices. The dispensary team at this Fort Collins recreational dispensary are knowledgeable and well-educated about the products they carry at Solace Meds. Their dedication to the cannabis community is expressed through their personalized, professional, and friendly customer service. Solace Meds invites recreational and medical marijuana users to visit their renovated Fort Collins location, the variety of marijuana products and overall welcoming atmosphere proves why Solace Meds continues to be the leading recreational marijuana dispensary in Fort Collins. Staff The team at this Fort Collins dispensary strive to personalize every cannabis customer’s experience. Their attention to detail and knowledge of their cannabis products allows for them to recommend specific marijuana products to their Fort Collins marijuana customer looking to alleviate personal discomforts. Solace Meds is committed to their clientele, their superb customer service skills and experience assure all cannabis connoisseurs they are receiving what they need to achieve overall wellness, and they are always available for any marijuana related questions, concerns, or consultations by phone or via Facebook. Products Solace Meds offers an extensive menu including the highest quality strains like Bubba White, Hash Plant, Cookies, Skywalker, Grape Ape, Juicy Fruit, Pineapple Chunk, Lemon Diesel, Snow Cap, Jet Fuel, NYC Diesel, and Harlequin cultivated and perfectly cured to achieve the most potency tested at Gobi Labs, a well-respected cannabis testing facility with over 30 years of experience.Their selection of extracts include Bakked concentrates in Pure or Terpene Rich Distillates, Ebbu Sap, Concentrated Love House Wax and Shatter, Bolder Extracts, Mahatma CLEAR, EvoLab, and their cannabis customer favorite, Infinite Infusions, available in wax and shatter. This Fort Collins recreational dispensary also carries vape cartridges from The Clear and EvoLabs available in full grams and a collections of O-Pens in assorted full gram indica, sativa, hybrid, and Craft Reserve. Solace Meds carries edibles like gummies, cookies, mints, Cheeba Chews, waffles, protein powder, brownies, and their best selling 100 mg Cannatopia bar. The topicals at the Fort Collins dispensary are available in patches, balms, creams, and lotions that are perfect for marijuana users who prefer this alternative method. They also offer smoking and vape accessories including things like batteries, glass pipes, lighters, and rolling papers. Service Locations Solace Meds is located toward the end Smokey Street across from Od’ Sports Crossing off of South College Ave and proudly service the recreational cannabis communities surrounding but not limited to Laporte, Bellvue, Mountain View, Timnath, Loveland, Redmond, Aurora, Lafayette, Greenly, Longmont, Horseshoe Lake, and Windsor. Location Information Nestled in the Larimer County, Fort Collins sits on the Cache La Poudre River along the Colorado Front Range. The Colorado State Capitol in Denver, approximately 65 miles from Fort Collins, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places; this distinctive gold dome consists of real gold leaves commemorating the Colorado Gold Rush. This historic building is believed to be made with Colorado Rose Onyx, a rare rose marble from a quarry near Beulah, Colorado, with beautiful stain glass windows decorated with portraits of the presidents of the United States and showcasing other works of art. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is perfect for visitors of all ages who enjoy learning about mummies, the human body, gems, minerals, North American Indian cultures, space, and prehistoric history. Solace Meds is honored to continue serving their marijuana community in Fort Collins, they strive to continue leading the cannabis industry by providing the best cannabis products the industry has to offer.


License : M10-18-0000261-TEMP, A10-18-0000218-TEMP
Email : [email protected]
Address : 301 Smokey St.
City : Fort Collins
State : CO
Zip : 80525


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