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20% off 1st time Customers. Welcome to GreenWorks Recreational and Medical Cannabis in Greenwood! We are proud to be Greenwood's favorite dispensary. We opened in August in 2016, and have made many friends and family since! North Seattle is the perfect place for us, so we can be attentive to everyone who comes into our dispensary. 20% off for 1st time customers! Customer service is our #1 priority, coming in just before the products we offer. Not everyone likes to become inebriated when they ingest cannabis, and we understand that. We also understand the day you just had, and that you might need the stoniest Indica cannabis we have to offer. Between all of our beloved staff over here at GreenWorks Cannabis, we have all of your bases covered. We have an excellent Medical Consultant, who can issue you your medical card, as long as you have your doctors script, and help you find exactly what you need. We are very confident in the products we carry, and assure you, that we have something for everyone. We do our best when it comes to tailoring your cannabis experience, to your personal needs. Some people have only smoked, and never experimented with tinctures or edibles. Some, may have never tried anything at all! No matter what stage you're at, we're here to help answer any and all of your questions! Nobody should be afraid of marijuana. Come in to Greenworks cannabis, say hello, and see how we can help you. From the best weed in Washington State, to Seattle's Favorite Wax & Concentrate Producers, to 10+ kinds of $14 full beautiful flower 1/8th's, to Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, to Root Beer, to 1:1 CBD THC Cranberry Soda, to Capsules, to Sativa energy boosters, to Tinctures, to Lube, to Suppositories, to Transdermal Salve, to Vape Pens, to a Full Service Glass Shop with all the bongs, pipes, and accessories you could want, we have you covered! Daily Deals Everyday! Stock Up Sunday! - $60 OZ & 10% off 14g or more MONDAY MADNESS!! 20% off ALL Edibles, CBD Products, Topicals, & Glass n Gear! Top Shelf Tuesday - 20% off top shelf Waxy Wednesday - 20% off all oil products Thursday Budtenders Heady Specials - 20% off each employee's favorite product. I got 5 on it Friday - $5 1g joints $5 1g flower Canna kick it Saturday? $7 vape pen battery, 20% off Cartridges Some of our favorite vendors include, Acme Diesel Alis Group *Tahoma *Sun Grown Avitas Botanical Solution *Spot *Moxey's *Journeyman *Proper Soul Shine *Cannaseur's Choice Cascade Growers Circanna *Oakor *Mary's Medicinal Topical *Nectar Cleo *Sensi Co2 Organics *Tantus *Happy cat Cut Above Doc Croc Double Delicious Emerald Janes Ethos Flying High Fruit of the Root Green Chiefs Green Labs *Swift Grow State Altered State Green Vault Heritage Hootie Hooo Hydro Empire Kohl Processing Enterprises *American Hash Makers Life Gardens *Spark Mirth *Legal Beverages Mother Natures Own *Nitro Honey Northwest Wonderland *Enchantmint Amerikan Weed *Oleum PUR Quincy Green Quartz Castle Green Freedom *Sweet As Cannabis! *Elements Seattle Snap Cookies SureFire Growers *Little Buddies Seattle Green Bud *Saints Rochester Farms Rock Island Farm Rocket Cannabis *Sirius Buds Skagit Organics Sweet Nirvana Bakery Solar Jones *Panacea Verdelux Chocolates Bon Bombs TJ's Organics Windy River PlantWorks Silkie Farms Happy Smoking! See you soon!


License : A10-18-0000224-TEMP, M10-18-0000283-TEMP
Email : [email protected]
Address : 315 N 105th St.
City : Seattle
State : WA
Country : US
Zip : 98103


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